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In the fight against leukemia and lymphoma, T cells are a powerful tool. But, while modifying a human immune system through gene therapy to fight viruses and cancers is a hopeful direction, it hasn’t yet become a reality for most diseases. That’s because current technologies have short-lived effects. Which is why we developed CDR3’s unique, patented technology, which uses stem cells to build long-lasting immunity against viruses and cancers — creating a self-renewing source of gene-targeted immune cells in the body. It connects a much-needed therapy to the lives of people who need it. And it leverages the power of the human immune system by harnessing the power of stem cells. While this revolutionary new solution for cancer treatment is here, we need you to make it possible. Through your investment in CDR3, you’ll see pain begin to disappear, lives start to improve, and your portfolio produce a return – all while helping humanity in a positive new direction.